Our Shared Vision

The Cathedral District is made up of many good ideas unified around a core vision. With ample development opportunities and creative leadership, the district is poised to expand as a vibrant community where all kinds of people come together to live, learn, worship, shop, and dine.

Come back soon to view new concepts and architectural renderings that will be hosted on this page.


Everybody wins in an urban environment where students and professionals, visitors and residents are all encouraged to walk on safe, attractive city blocks with a convenient flow. Increasing density means improving business and engagement for every organization in the Cathedral District.

Upward Momentum

With many surface parking lots in the Cathedral District, the landscape is ripe for new development. The future is full of many promising possibilities in which non-profits and businesses, storefronts and residences can all benefit from creative partnerships that both satisfy parking needs and offer new opportunities for people to come and enjoy everything the district has to offer.

Historic Appeal

Home to many of the city’s very oldest churches and other buildings, the Cathedral District is committed to staying true to its roots. Preservation and protection come first for many historic sites in the district, and future development promises to only improve access and visibility to the organizations that make up the living heart of downtown Tulsa.